Silver Birch, 2017

Road Rage Cast
Silver Birch: A People's Opera

Silver Birch, our new People's Opera, crafted so beautifully by Jessica Duchen (librettist) and Roxanna Panufnik (composer) over many months, is now ready. 

We are recruiting people in our local community to join the company and we look forward to including them in the next chapter to bring the opera to life. This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside our top opera professionals and perform on Garsington Opera's main stage as part of the 2017 season. 

Silver Birch is an original story bringing modern day themes and issues of war and family to the forefront, with echoes of the past through Seigfried Sassoon, a regular visitor to Garsington Manor during WWI. Silver Birch is a production for all the family (aged 8+) about courage, aspiration and aiming high. 

The Cast:

The Silver Birch company will be over 170 strong and will include professional singers and instrumentalists, child soloists, primary age children from five local schools, a youth company of singers and dancers (age 12-22), an adult company, student instrumentalists, a team of Foley artists (acoustic sound effects), and ex-service men and women, all working alongside a stupendous creative team. 

"Silver Birch stands alongside the other operas for 2017 as a testament to the creative professionalism to be found in us all, whatever our age, background or ability."
Karen Gillingham, Director

How to join up - click here

If you would like to support this important aspect of our work, please email Johnny Langridge or call on 01865 368201.