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Arts Award

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents taking children and young people on a creative journey, exploring the arts world, discovering their potential as artists, developing leadership skills and gaining a recognised qualification along the way. Managed by Trinity College London, in association with Arts Council England, the qualification is open to anyone aged 25 or under.

This unique set of arts qualifications build skills essential for success in the 21st Century: Creativity and communication, along with problem-solving, reflective-thinking and confidence. Arts Award achievers mentioned the ongoing positive impact on their confidence, communication skills and creativity, which are nurtured by all levels. They also develop entrepreneurialism, independence and self-motivation while learning to reason, reflect and network more effectively.

Garsington Opera is committed to offering all members of our Youth Company the opportunity to undertake the Arts Award as part of the production process.

Find out more about Arts Award on their website through the button below:


Arts Award Website

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Please be aware that currently Arts Award at Garsington Opera is only open to members of our Youth Company and full details are provided on joining the company.