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OperaFirst: Primary

2024 Opportunities now open – Express an interest now to guarantee your place!

What to expect

After the success of our newly reformatted OperaFirst performance in 2023, including a 1-hour interactive performance at Wormsley guided by a presenter, we will be continuing this on into 2024. The children will sing songs that they have learnt in their workshop as a massed chorus and watch scenes from the opera. The presenter will narrate the show, inviting students to join in sections with the singers, explore the orchestra, and get an insight into what is happening backstage. We hope that this will be a fun and interactive experience and wonderful trip to the opera!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Join us on a hazy Midsummer’s evening where anything can happen! The chaos from the meddling of Puck, servant to the King of the Fairies, and mistaken enchantments and love potions proves nothing is ever dull in this enchanted forest!

Enjoy as we encounter Shakespeare’s magical world and all its mayhem and antics.

A director will be joined by a composer and a professional singer to deliver intensive one-day workshops using the successful ‘Create an Opera’ workshop format. Starting with warm-ups and team building activities, the whole group will then explore the music and story, devising their own music, words and movements.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream OperaFirst will take place on Thursday 4 July 2024 during the school day.

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The OperaFirst Primary project is predominantly offered to state schools in and around the High Wycombe area and up to approximately 15 miles away from Garsington Opera, HP14 3YP. If your school is further away please contact us to see if it would be possible to take part.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project, please contact

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