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Gifts in Wills

A Gift for the Future

By leaving a gift in your will to Garsington Opera, you’re helping to ensure that Garsington Opera can continue to deliver opera of the greatest artistic quality in a setting of outstanding beauty whilst also nurturing and developing audiences and performers of the future. Our commitment to delivering exceptional opera experiences is only possible because of the generous support we receive, including gifts in wills.

A bequest to Garsington Opera, at any level will enable us to plan with confidence for the future. If you let us know that you are leaving a gift in your will, you will be invited to join The 1989 Society (details below) and we would be honoured to thank you personally for your generosity.


Why leaving a gift in your will to Garsington Opera matters:

Leaving a gift to Garsington Opera plays a pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and sustainability of Garsington Opera and enables us to:

Preserve our Heritage: Garsington Opera has a rich history of producing innovative and captivating opera. Your gift can help us preserve this heritage for future generations.

Nurturing Emerging Talent: Our commitment to fostering young artists and providing a platform for their talent is unwavering. Gifts from wills allow us to continue nurturing the next generation of opera stars.

Expand Access: We believe that opera should be accessible to all. Your contribution can support initiatives aimed at reaching a wider audience. Your support can provide creative workshops to all ages changing lives in schools by using music and performance as tools for personal, social and emotional development.  Our GO Participate programme aims specifically to engage young people and adults who face significant barriers to engagement with the arts, both locally and nationally.

Enhance Production Quality: Gifts in wills contribute to improving our sets, costumes, and overall production quality, ensuring that every Garsington Opera performance is of the highest artistic standard.


A headshot of woman in a dark blue, patterned shirt with small orangey-red and white details smiles into the camera.

“As an only child, music opened the door to a gorgeous and exciting world. Not just soundscapes but stories and adventures to fire the imagination. Mars the Bringer of War, Peter and the Wolf, Hansel and Gretel. To turn down the drive at Wormsley on a perfect summer afternoon is to rediscover that magic. Superlative performances in an idyllic setting, Garsington Opera has given me countless hours of pure escapist delight. A special thrill has been to help talented young singers at the start of their careers – and it is this that I hope to perpetuate by leaving a legacy in my Will. Its effect will ripple down the years and inspire a new generation of dreamers like me.”  – Caroline Elderfield

Where Does Your Money Go?

Although we advise that gifts in wills are given for the unrestricted support of the organisation, so that it can be used most effectively, we welcome an advisory indication of an area you would particularly like to focus your gift on.

Some suggestions could be:

General Support

Your legacy can go to support our core activities to ensure the highest artistic values can continue to be upheld. Gifts from wills have helped new productions be staged and favourite classics revived. A loved one could be honoured with a bequest in their memory.

Support our Young Artists

Providing essential support to talented young artists at the beginning of their careers. The programme provides coaching, one-to-one support, performance opportunities and professional seminars to give singers core skills on which to build their future.

Support our Productions

Contribute to the production of an opera which means something special to you and your family, or create a fund that provides yearly support that ensures our productions retain their high standards.

Support GO Participate

Garsington Opera’s GO Participate programme is acknowledged as a leader in the field, providing an ambitious and wide-ranging participatory series that engages with our diverse local community.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

In your will, you can specify the type of gift you would like to give: a gift of cash, shares, a specific object or property.

Residuary gift: Leave the remainder or a percentage of your estate, once family and friends have been provided for. Many supporters choose to make this type of gift because it keeps its value over time – it isn’t affected by inflation.

Pecuniary gift: Specify a particular amount of money.

Acknowledgement of Gifts in Wills

We’re always extremely grateful to receive gifts in wills. Given the personal and private nature of such support, all gifts remain anonymous unless otherwise agreed. All those who notify us of a gift to Garsington Opera in their will are invited to join The 1989 Society to get closer to the work that we do.


The 1989 Society

Garsington Opera was founded in 1989 at Garsington Manor, the home of Leonard Ingrams. The 1989 Society commemorates Garsington’s heritage and enables it to continue. If you are interested in leaving a legacy to Garsington Opera or have done so already, please let us know in order that we can welcome you to The 1989 Society. Members are invited to attend private rehearsals and to meet the creative team.

To learn more about leaving a gift in your will and how you can help to secure the future of Garsington Opera, please contact Bryony Benstead, Head of Philanthropy, or 01494 376037

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