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GO Create

GO Create, is a new digital resource created to engage young people with opera in an inspiring, accessible and fun way.

Aimed at ages 11-16, this short series introduces young people to the world of opera and everything that goes into making it.

GO Create is filmed at Garsington Opera’s home, a beautiful opera house nestled in the Chiltern Hills at Wormsley. On stage, we are used to seeing a wonderful spectacle with singers, dancers, an orchestra and captivating design, but backstage and beyond there is an extraordinary company of people who make this happen. Through GO Create, we lift the bonnet on opera and look at what and who really make it work. We hope this will inspire and inform the next generation of theatre makers to reach their full potential.

The films can be experienced individually or collectively and teachers can also play them as part of lessons to show a different way of working.


Directing Duets

Director Feature

Conjuring a Storm

Curriculum Links for 'Directing Duets'
Curriculum Links for 'Director Feature'
Curriculum Links for 'Conjuring a Storm'

Production & Design

Designing a Duel

Design Journeys

Backstage at the Opera

Curriculum Links for 'Designing a Duel'
Curriculum Links for 'Design Journeys'
Curriculum Links for 'Backstage at the Opera'


The Conductor

Exploring Voices

Writing Arias

Operas or Oratorios?

Curriculum Links for 'The Conductor'
Curriculum Links for 'Exploring Voices'
Curriculum Links for 'Writing Arias'
Curriculum Links for 'Operas or Oratorios?'
Dalia Curriculum Links
Director's introduction
Introducing the plot
Writing and creating an opera
Artistic motivations
Working with text
Digital choirs
Exploring themes in Dalia
Character creation
Character development
Insight into 'The Model Box'
Rehearsal process: the final week
Bringing cricket to the stage
Exploring prejudice through characters
Arabic singing and improvisation
Scene changes in a community opera
Dalia's conclusion